The little dog always smiles broadly and brings joy to everyone he meets


Most domestic dogs have a very happy, optimistic personality, inspiring people with their boundless joy of life.

The dog will let you know that he is feeling good by wagging his tail or jumping up and down to greet you.

But for one cute dog, all it takes is to look at his face to understand that he is full of joy … Because he is always smiling!

This is Chevy, a 9-year-old Pomeranian who smiles all day.

Its owner says that her dog simply enjoys the little things in life and always finds a reason to smile.

They never saw him have a bad day. It just drives them crazy! Everything is like a holiday.

If they go for a walk, he celebrates. If there is food, he celebrates. He is always so happy!

The fun-loving pooch came into their lives just when she needed his smile the most: she and her husband adopted him as a puppy after the death of their pet golden retriever.

They were looking for a pet for them and suddenly came across an ad in the newspaper.

When they first saw him with his smile, they went to pick him up from there because they fell in love with him!

When he was carried out and saw her husband, he broke into the widest grin.

Since then, Chevy has never stopped smiling.

According to his Instagram page, his favorite hobbies are eating bacon, riding a golf cart, and hiking with their owners.

He just gets into the cart and has a little harness to keep him from falling. He is so optimistic!

The joy of life has kept him young, and owners say people often mistake their older dog for a much younger one.

The owners said that Chevy’s eternal smile sometimes disappears if he is cold or uncomfortable, but always returns quickly, especially if he is given some food.

In the photos, he is smiling all year round, wearing many adorable suits and outfits.

What an adorable little dog. He brought a big smile to us! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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