The dog sits outside his owner’s shop every day to shake hands with customers


Taking your dog to work can be very beneficial for business, especially when he wants to shake the paw of every customer that passes by.

At least Connie Stewart found out about it a few days after she brought her 8-year-old English bulldog Nelson to work.

Stewart works as a women’s clothing vendor at outdoor markets and street festivals in Belgium and started taking her dog with her when he was just a puppy.

This is a very sensitive and calm dog, but he does not like to be left alone. He is happy when he is outside.

Instead of leaving him at home during the day, Stewart decided to place Nelson with his own blanket in front of his booth. There he could sit comfortably and look around.

It didn’t take long for him to realize that he would attract the attention of passing shoppers.

What touches her most is when a puppy raises its paw to shake hands with people passing by. He definitely knows how to steal their hearts!

She was surprised at how nice, loving and calm dog Nelson behaved with people at work. She never thought that passers-by would pet someone else’s dog so often.

The attention Nelson receives from strangers walking past his mother’s work ranges from head turning to complete indifference. So many people took pictures of him and commented on how handsome and cute he is!

Although most of the people Nelson meets at work are strangers, he has made quite a few „best friends“ over the years.

In addition to smiling at unsuspecting clients, Nelson was also a source of healing for some of the people he interacted with while working with his mother.

One day a girl walked past him and stopped to ask if she could stroke Nelson.

But when Stuart agreed, the girl burst into tears. She shared with Stewart that her bulldog had recently passed away and meeting Nelson made her happy.

He is Stuart’s best friend, he is always there for her, he completely changed her life! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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