The woman came to the shelter for 3 kittens, but could not leave the orphan behind


The owner of KittenBn is a sweet girl named Jess. She keeps cute cats in her shelter.

But one day she suddenly finds a lonely minuscar, who clearly needed care and attention.

Since the little baby was completely alone and homeless, the woman decided to adopt him and keep him at home.

But he was too young to be alone, so he decided to get himself three of the same cats so that he could play with them and have fun.

The baby was named Frankie and quickly settled into his new home. She weighed so little that she needed special daily care. Fortunately, he grew quickly.

He was very happy in this house, especially since he had new friends who simply adore him.

They do everything together and are very connected from the start. Frankie tries to imitate the other kittens as they walk, play and run.

Even if he sometimes fails, he remains confident in his steps.

He appreciates the presence of others and his small size does not bother him at all.

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