Abandoned tiger cub finally rescued from circus and recovering incredibly


This poor animal was rescued by Vicki Keehy, founder of In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue in Texas. No one knows the exact cause of his condition, but the wild cat was in a terrible and painful condition.

Her name was Aasha. The poor animal was malnourished and weighed like a newborn baby.

Vicki was deeply concerned about the fate of the poor animal and tried to understand why. She discovered that it was a circus animal.

He was locked in a cage with several animals for a long time and was not allowed to eat. In addition, he had a skin infection, but the lack of proper care made his condition worse.

Fortunately, Vicki soon appeared in his life, who was attentive to the animal, regularly gave him medicines, took care of him so that he would quickly recover.

And after just a few weeks of treatment, the feral cat completely changed, but Aasha’s incredible recovery took almost eight months.

He has already become like a real tiger, he began to weigh normally and really became unrecognizable. Over time, it became interesting to see how other tigers would react to him.

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