Rescuers found the puppy tied to a bench next to a heartbreaking note from a child


One day, an animal rescue organization received a message about an abandoned dog.

The dog was chained to a park bench and there was a note next to it.

They found a frightened puppy and next to him a note written by a child.

It was written that he had to give up a puppy named Max because his parents were abusive to him.

It was very painful for him to make such a decision, but he must fucking do it.

He was so sad to see him suffer. He asked to be sheltered and taken care of by whoever found him.

By the time rescuers arrived, the puppy was still quite aggressive and they were trying to feed him from afar.

From the note, they realized that the dog’s name was Max and he was just scared, not aggressive.

Max soon calmed down, but was still very afraid of those around him. His rescuers took him for a walk to get used to them.

As soon as they managed to get him out of there, he stopped being aggressive.

They walked to the car together. They decided to change his name.

For that is what he was called in a past life, where he was beaten and mocked. Now his name is Boston.

They put Boston in the car. At first he was very frightened and tried to hide behind the seat.

Rescuers found a garage until they find a home for him.

Finally Boston calmed down and began to cling to his rescuers.

Soon he realized that he was worried and cared for and began to treat them well.

He felt that there are also kind people in the world who love him.

Boston almost found a new family, but then they abandoned him because Boston still didn’t like other dogs.

We hope he finds a new home where he will be loved.

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