This adorable golden retriever became a surrogate father to four adorable bunnies and they look cute together


We have heard many stories about the possibility of friendship between different animal species.

Once the owners of the golden retriever Bailey brought home four rabbits.

Despite their differences, the animals quickly became friends.

Bailey loves to spend time with fluffy little balls.

From time to time he lovingly licks the rabbits or sniffs them curiously.

And they, in turn, cling to the dog as a parent.

This dog seems like a father to them, because these poor children were left orphans and lost their mother.

And this kind and caring dog took responsibility for the care and upbringing of dogs.

The dog feels very good in this position, the children are also happy, they do what they want with the dog.

The rabbits get under the dog and think it’s so safe and the dog is very cute.

You can even say that she is not a father, but a mother with her boundless tenderness, tenderness and love.

Owner Bailey says his pet was born to be a star.

He has such a good heart that he loves everyone and everyone loves him.

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