A puppy in a tuxedo was waiting for the adoptive parents, who canceled it at the last minute


This poor dog was about ready to go to his new home forever when his new „owners“ finally called to cancel his adoption on the day he was due to be picked up.

When he was ready to go home and take a bath, he canceled the adoption.

Dear little puppy was about to be adopted by Fundacion Rescatame.

After the adoption was cancelled, the rescuers posted photos of this cute dog on the internet and stated that the strictness of their adoption is due to the absence of irresponsible cases.

They urged those who were going to get a dog to feel responsible when they want to get a dog. Fortunately, this dog story ended happily.

It didn’t take long for the orphanage to receive so many adoption offers.

Within a few days he had a permanent home where he was cared for and loved.

But there are 40 other dogs just like him waiting in line at the shelter.

Absolutely all animals deserve a good life, regardless of breed, age or gender.

Please don’t deprive them of the chance to live a good life!

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