A story that touched everyone: a golden retriever saved a baby koala from the cold and brought it home


As we know, golden retrievers are intelligent and very calm and can be one of the best human companions.

A golden retriever named Asha from Australia recently brought home a lost baby koala.

However, apparently, they love not only people, as this story proves. Asha rescued a baby koala from the cold, brought him home and let him sleep next to her, basking in his fur.

Kerry, the owner of Asha, said she believes the baby koala must have been lost by her mother and landed in the back of her house where the doghouse is located.

When Asha found him, he took the opportunity to keep warm at night, which is usually very cold when the temperature reaches 5°C.

It was very early in the morning when her husband told her to look at something. At first she did not understand what he was talking about, but then she saw a baby koala clinging to Asha.

She just laughed. the dog looked at her with a confused look, she had a little guilty look when she went out to see what was happening.

Her expression was cheerful. She looked at the koala and was definitely happy that he cuddled up to her.

The kindness of the dog saved his life. The baby certainly wouldn’t have survived the cold without help. After that night together, Asha befriends a koala. Marsupial no longer wanted to leave his friend’s back.

Dogs have a protective instinct. The little koala did not want to leave Asha anymore, and when he was wrapped in a blanket, she growled. It was truly incredible to see her with such tenderness for this baby koala.

Kerry said the koala has already been vet checked and handed over to a local caretaker, with whom she will stay until he returns to the wild.

Asha saved the life of another animal and took care of it until it left her home.

What a beautiful story! These animals never cease to amaze us! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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