A wounded stray dog roamed the streets, no longer hoping for rescue


The condition of this poor dog was desperate, he could not walk along Philadelphia Street and stopped in front of the house. The owner of this unknown house has just rescued a dog. His name was Jack Jonicen.

That day, he forgot to close the door and suddenly heard a strange noise at dawn. Although the couple had just had a baby, they were reluctant to get a dog, but decided to keep her and name her Susie.

Then they took the dog to the vet, the dog looked very bad and very thin, even the doctor at first thought it was a puppy.

Now that the dog has fully recovered and gained weight, he is a full-fledged caring member of the house and a member of their family.

During the investigation, it turned out that a passer-by noticed that the door to this house was missing, went up to the house and called someone disturbing.

And since no one heard the stranger’s voice, he simply closed the door and continued on his way.

After that, the Jonikens family considered him special and thanked the man.

After this incident, the family still tries to be careful and make sure that the door to the house is closed. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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