The owners did not understand why and for whom the dog was waiting near the pit


This is Fiona, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. She simply adores her owners and never shows aggression towards anyone.

Once upon a time, representatives of this breed were excellent shepherds and never participated in the hunt. This, most likely, influenced their friendly nature.

While other animals regard weak animals as prey, Fiona perceives them as an object of friendship.

Her love for all living things is boundless. And one day the owners noticed a dog sitting near a hole dug in the ground. What could interest the animal so much, they did not understand. That’s why we decided to watch.

As it turned out, Fiona found herself a new friend. And no matter how strange it may sound, but it became a gopher.

The four-legged pet was very happy when the gopher appeared from its mink, and, obviously, this meeting was not the first.

After all, the rodent reciprocated her feelings, feeling safe. This cute video has already been viewed by a huge number of users who agreed that there are no barriers to true friendship.

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