82-year-old woman donates part of her pension to help animal shelters


Rescuing dogs and cats is a very thankless job. Animal rights activists are often blamed for the growing population of stray pets, but people just want to save them with all their hearts.

82-year-old Raisa Georgievna helps a local shelter. In total, her volunteer experience is 20 years.

She takes care of the pets and tries to improve their living conditions. Now she sews pillows for cats. Grandmother with rags and threads tried for a long time to find a convenient place for her needlework.

Now she settled in one of the enclosures and transferred all the materials there. Pets living there do not interfere with Raisa Georgievna’s occupation.

Grandmother helps wherever she can, she has been working there for more than 10 years. Once she just came to look and asked how she could help.

And just like that, over time, it entered her life. Then she herself had both cats and dogs. But the cat recently died, she suffered it very hard. And she is no longer going to start new ones, because the age is not the same. She doesn’t want to leave them later.

According to her, it is on the basis of love for animals that she meets the most compassionate people. There are kind people and she just loves people who love animals.

If there were more of them, there would not be such a global problem with homeless animals. She does not feel sorry for anything for dogs, she can help everyone even from her pension.

Still, you should understand that working with animals can be dangerous. Raisa Georgievna said that once a cat, frightened by a dog, tore her whole arm. There was a lot of blood then, and my grandmother was taken to the emergency room, and then for regular dressings.

“Take them, please, they are no worse,” Raisa Georgievna calls. Raisa Georgievna comes to the shelter every day. Then she goes to the social center to meet with the same pensioners.

She is distracted there, because she has been thinking about dogs and cats in her head since the morning. Sometimes she even worries that they are alone there at night. She doesn’t even know what kind of heart you need to have to be there all the time.

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