Dog dies after losing leg while saving lives in Afghanistan


After 14 wonderful years on earth, the German Shepherd Luca died of old age. The dog received a full military burial at the Michigan War Dogs Memorial.

The brave dog really deserved this honor, he spent 400 patrols and lost a leg while working. Marine Corps Captain Sergeant Chris Willingham took his ashes to the burial site, and many friends and colleagues paid their respects to him.

During the ceremony, the fighting dogs lined up to honor the memory of their dead friend. Before saying goodbye, the crowd saluted one last time for Luca .

Her headstone was surrounded by many flags and beautiful flowers. Luca will be delighted.

Luca saved the sergeant’s life several times. Rest in peace, Luca . Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

Luca is a specially trained German Shepherd who served six years in the Marine Corps, traveling through Iraq and Afghanistan.

With her incredible ability to detect explosives, she helped save thousands of lives by leading 400 patrols. Thanks to her search skills, not a single soldier was hurt when she led the way.

When an improvised explosive device was discovered in March 2012, a secondary device exploded. As a result of the explosion, Luca was injured and lost his front leg.

But that didn’t stop him. He was able to easily jump even on three legs, Luca became an ambassador for the military service dog program after his retirement.

For his fierce selflessness, Luca received the Deakin Medal from the People’s Ambulatory for Sick Animals.

Luca is the 30th dog to receive the PDSA Deakin Medal since its inception. Before that, 32 racing pigeons, three horses and a cat received it. Dogs are our faithful and fearless heroes.

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