Hungry frozen pit bull in an alleyway has finally found a permanent home


Sometimes the process of saving animals can suffer some setbacks. Many dogs are doomed and remain so, waiting for loving families and those who will take care of them.

One such dog named Arugula was in such anticipation, and his story shocked the One Tail at a Time staff.

She was so thin and powerless that she could hardly breathe and the staff were not sure that the dog would survive. They did everything to keep the dog warm and wrapped her in blankets.

He is so thin that he cannot stand up, cannot eat or drink, he is only shaking.

The OTAT staff went to work immediately. They quickly found a safe home for the dog where he could recover and look even better!

On the organization’s Facebook page, it was written that saving the animals is very difficult, but they could not resist the charm of the dog.

It was a truly touching and dramatic moment. The dog quickly recovered, gained weight and fell in love with his adoptive family.

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