Rescued dog keeps clinging and hugging his rescuers and thanking them


A woman named Natalie Olivieri worked for Furever Bully Love Rescue. One day, on the great plains of Florida, he found a stray dog ​​named Harper.

This area was famous for these dogs and rescuers tried to do everything to help them or make life easier. Unfortunately, there were so many of them that it was sometimes almost impossible to help everyone.

When Harper was found, it became clear that he had recently been abused. Natalie said it was a dog dump and people bring dogs in and leave them there.

The poor frightened dog continues to rely on his saviors. The dog had numerous wounds, which indicated abuse.

Natalie said that the dog was so frightened that when they approached, she fell helplessly to the ground.

Immediately after the rescue, he was taken to the veterinarian, and it turned out that he had various health problems. At first he couldn’t even stand up.

Harper was placed in a foster home, where the dog’s condition gradually improved. A few weeks later they found out that she was pregnant and gave birth to eight cubs, and they all found their home forever.

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