A frightened German Shepherd is finally rescued from a landfill after a year of being alone


This poor dog has been living in a California junkyard for several years and hiding under various cars. The dump staff said the poor dog had actually been abandoned and had two cubs with her.

But fortunately, they quickly came to his aid and brought him food and water.

Two small dogs were rescued as soon as they arrived, but the other got scared and wouldn’t let anyone near her. Hope For Paws got the message about the dogs and immediately came to the rescue.

For about half an hour they tried to find the hidden dog. In the end, they managed to catch the dog with food and gradually brought it to the booth.

An hour later, they finally caught the dog in the cage. She was so beautiful and good. The dog was later named Andrew. Unfortunately, he didn’t trust people yet.

For some time, special work should be carried out with the dog in order to regulate his behavior and restore trust in people again.

A few months later, when the result had passed, he finally began to greet his rescuers and thank them with his behavior.

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