A little kitten was attacked by a raccoon, and he lost his eye, now the pirate kitten has become the new star of the Internet


Meet Sir Staffington, who was a very small kitten, but turned out to be strong and warlike.

He may not look like other cats, but he doesn’t even know it.

He is missing an eye and part of his mouth because he, his mother, and his siblings were once attacked by a raccoon when they were very young.

Unfortunately, they did not survive, but Sir Staffington held out to the end and survived.

Sir Staffington was found wandering in Troutdale and taken to Animal Rescue where he underwent emergency surgery.

In addition to a missing eye and damaged jaw, he also had an upper respiratory infection, a heart murmur, and was completely covered in fleas and dirt.

When he was first seen, the vets weren’t even sure he would survive at all due to the severity of his injuries, but he defied everyone and did something no one expected.

He had a very rough start in life, but the following months were a breath of fresh air for this tough kitty.

He then lived with a foster family where he immediately became friends with his new mother and cat siblings and was eventually adopted.

Sir Staffington had already grown out of a small injured kitten who was struggling to survive. He is already an adult cat who is happy and now enjoys life.

He still looks different, but he still plays, naps and acts like any other cat.

He is the very embodiment of a fighter and his story shows that you should never leave anyone, especially your animal, whatever it may be!

Watch his story in the video below!

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