Abandoned dog did not know how to survive, so he ate branches and stones to satisfy his hunger


The poor dog, who was rescued from a starving life on the street, could not find food for himself and was extremely exhausted.

The dog was so emaciated that when the shelter staff saw his picture, they were surprised he could move at all. The volunteer immediately realized that in order to save him, he must be urgently taken away from the shelter.

They went to the vet and took an X-ray which showed that the dog had been starving for so long that he had started eating rocks and twigs in an attempt to satisfy his hunger.

In order for the dog to eat normally again, the foreign bodies in the stomach had to be surgically removed. A long process of recovery followed, but burning with a thirst for life, Alexei Ryk withstood all the tests.

When the dog was strong enough, Diana – by the way, the owner of two more Weimaraners – took him home. The pets welcomed their new friend with open arms.

The atmosphere of care and love did its job – in the first week of life in a new house, he gained about 5 kilograms of weight.

Now his weight is 36 kilograms, and he has completely returned to normal life. His eyes are shining with happiness!

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