He couldn’t even walk and was about to die, but a woman saved him at the last minute


This poor dog was very seriously injured and no one had high hopes for him. He had a head injury that left his entire body shaking.

At first, people thought that it was no longer possible to save him, but one woman said that she could walk with him again. So they agreed to give him a second chance at life.

The woman knew that with daily physical therapy, a lot of patience and a lot of praise, there would be at least some hope.

Every day she and the dog trained, and she did everything for him that was in her power. Finally the dog gradually progressed.

At first he couldn’t walk to a bowl of food on his own, couldn’t go to the toilet, but with perseverance he made progress.

In a few weeks he was able to play with his new friends. Of course, he couldn’t run that fast yet, but his big heart didn’t stop him from trying it!

After 2 months, the dog was unrecognizable! Other volunteers approached him. They have changed their minds about their prospects.

If anyone was ever willing to take the time to do this, they would be happy to give this dog the same option! If you liked it, please share it with your friends and family.

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