Homeless dog constantly met the stewardess at the hotel until she took him home


Olivia Sievers is the protagonist of Air Allemande․ She traveled frequently to Buenos Aires, Argentina and often stayed at the same hotel.

And one day she noticed a dog that was lying near the hotel. She fed the dog, and from that moment they became inseparable friends. Olivia, alias of the dog Rubio.

Rubio walked outside the hotel to accompany the return of his master. When Olivia est arrived, the queue began to stir up, etc., to demand that he play avek lui.

Olivia essays de changer a way to keep the dog from chasing her on the hotel grounds. But it was impossible, he always came with her. He was very happy that someone paid attention to him.

When he realized that Rubio was not going anywhere, he continued to feed him and cover him with a blanket so that he would not catch a cold.

And so every day the pendant came for three months and waited for Olivia.

Olivia contacted the shelter staff to encourage Rubio. They agreed to this, but the dog ran off and returned to the same hotel, patiently escorting Olivia.

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