The dad, who initially resisted the dog, is now putting him to bed and stroking his belly to help him sleep better


Although there are many people today who love dogs, there are still people who avoid them for various reasons.

Meet Oliver, the sweet golden retriever Rachel Rodriguez adopted 7 years ago.

Initially, Rachel knew how her parents felt about dogs and how they would react to Oliver. His father was against the dog, but now they have one.

Rachel says that at first they only had cats, but their parents didn’t want dogs because they knew they needed to be trained, cared for, etc.

They were all against it, but Rachel took Oliver to her house anyway.

Oliver’s parents adopted him and had a crush on him for some time, which Rachel never experienced. But due to Oliver’s gentle nature, his parents succumbed to his charms and he quickly became part of the family.

But it was amazing how her father reacted to all this, he quickly became attached to the dog, and Rachel was extremely surprised.

Once he didn’t even sleep all night because Oliver had a stomachache and slept with him all night rubbing his dog’s stomach.

They had been inseparable ever since they met, and Oliver took special care of her and became her lover.

Although he won’t admit it, he actually treated Oliver like his own child.

He adores her so much that when it’s time for him to take a nap, he wraps her in a blanket to keep her warm.

Rachel said her father hid the dog at night while he slept on his pillow.

Oliver became very attached to him, like a big child, and although he never wanted a dog, he became his love.

The beautiful incident was caught on camera and posted on Oliver’s Instagram where it got a lot of attention.

Now dad is crazy about him, and we are sure that Oliver loves him too, they have an unreal connection!

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