This elderly homeless woman refused to go to a shelter to keep her six mutts warm


This is the story of a 65 year old woman named Luz Maria Olmedo Beltran. It touched the hearts of Internet users. A woman of 8 years old lives on the street and sleeps in a garbage bag with dogs.

The police persuaded her for a long time to live with other homeless people, but she refused to leave her four-legged friends.

For eight years she took care of stray dogs, during which time they became her family. We spent the night together in a bag so as not to freeze in the cold. She had six dogs that did not leave her in difficult times, and she did not agree to leave them.

She got along well with dogs, although she was cold. But the police managed to convince her, and in the end she spent one night in an orphanage. The moment was captured by local photographer Omar Camariyo.

Chole’s story touched people, especially when it was revealed that after a small police victory, Chole returned barefoot to her dogs. Omar asked the locals to help his grandmother, and Alejandra Cordova Castro responded to his call.

The girl herself was very fond of animals and was the owner of several dogs, so she could not pass by. She did not pass by and gave her socks, blankets, dog food and supplies, as well as hot food and water.

This woman gives her dogs everything she has. Please be kind and don’t miss out – buy food for the homeless or give them water.

Now Chole has found a shelter where dogs are allowed, she says that it is in poor condition, but it is very cheap – only 50 pesos a day.

Now she dreams of having her own shelter to keep many dogs there and protect them from cold and heat.

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