13 year old chihuahua does everything with his new favorite best friend


Meet Marcelo and Mini! They are best friends and fell in love with each other after they met.

Marcelo was first adopted when he was a little boy and was afraid of dogs.

But after this incident, he fell in love with dogs and especially a puppy named Mini.

But when he first saw the dog Mini, he stopped being afraid of them. The dog loved children and always wanted to be near them.

He was very fond of playing with him, as well as watching cartoons or programs with him. Marcelo then became interested in the dog and fell in love with it.

It’s definitely not love at first sight, but it was still very cute. Mimi was thirteen when they became best friends.

Mini helped Marcelo find himself and he was very happy to have her in his life.

With the help of a dog, he easily adapted to his new family. He is like a comforting blanket to him.

It’s just that he already perfectly understands that his friend is waiting for him at home. These two are truly inseparable. In the full sense of the word.

Mini follows Marcelo everywhere, sometimes even spying on him in the bathroom.

They will never be able to live without each other again. Even during games, they want to be together. They loved each other very much and quickly became best friends!

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