Affectionate dog pets other dogs in the dog daycare and tries to communicate with them


As we’ve seen in several stories, dog daycares can be one of the favorite vacation spots for our beloved pets. This is every dog’s dream, with fun games and walks with other dogs.

Den Doggy Kennel in Burlington has posted the photos below, lovingly capturing the exploits of their most eccentric dog, Ruby!

Of these, a puppy named Miles preferred solitude, while Ruby, on the contrary, was very sociable. The staff finds this funny because she never keeps her paws to herself and is always petting other dogs!

Conceived as a gesture to allow dogs to get attention or initiate play, Ruby has a completely different take on this simple movement.

She used to pet Miles to take care of him. But then she began to approach other dogs and literally stepped on their heads and backs!

Other dogs were at first intrigued by his tendency to touch them, but eventually got used to it.

Ruby is one of the most popular preschool dogs, and it’s no surprise. We love a dog that brings joy and happiness to people and other pets!

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