A cheeky child sneaks into the peaceful sleep of a sleeping dog


One day the cute pharaoh dog was resting when a newborn Nigerian pygmy goat wanted to cross over to the other side. He didn’t know if he should take a detour or cross the road, and he decided to take a shortcut right away!

There is nothing worse than being awakened by someone or something from a deep, pleasant sleep. This is guaranteed to put us all in an angry mood, like we literally rolled out of bed on the wrong side.

I think we can all relate to this pup who clearly passed out and really enjoyed his sleep. He dreamed of big bones, car chases, or his favorite treat… when anyone but a goat could try to wake him up!

This kid did not take „no“ for an answer and not only gently touched his friend, but stood on top of him – for him it was the best way out.

Therefore, they say that sleeping dogs should not be touched. But this time, this adorable puppy was sleeping so soundly that he didn’t even move.

He had no idea that a goat was actually climbing on him, trying to wake him up and play with him. Either he was completely tired of his energetic friend, or he had some kind of good dream!

He didn’t think about anything while the little Nigerian pygmy goat tried to get his attention. I know how you feel, mate!

Check out this adorable video of these two amazing friends. Whether or not they will remain friends when the goat finally wakes up the pharaoh remains to be seen, but either way, they are both adorable!

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