People found five stray kittens in the bushes, but one of them had three legs and was weaker than the others


People found five stray kittens in the bushes, and their mother was not around. One of the kitties was clearly different from the others – the baby did not have one paw, she was very weak and fragile.

A passer-by in the city of Phoenix, USA, found five little kittens in the bushes, which were in dire need of care.

They were all pressed against each other, and one kitten clearly stood out from them.

The tiny kitty was much smaller and weaker than the others, she did not have one paw, and also, she had an unusual color.

Passers-by took the kittens to a local shelter. They were immediately given for overexposure, and they began to look after them.

A weak baby named Peggy began to actively restore.

Fortunately, Peggy’s health was improved – after a few days she noticeably cheered up.

True, its color became more and more unusual – white marks appeared on the black wool.

It turned out that this condition is called „feverish color“, and appears if the mother cat was sick during pregnancy.

Cute 3-legged kitten with special needs needed love.

The guardian found traces of this phenomenon in all the kittens, but it affected Peggy the most.

However, the cat continued to enjoy life, despite the illness and the absence of one paw.

She played with her relatives and became more active and stronger.

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