56-year-old single Briton lives with his 70 cats: every year the number of cats grows


In the city of Gainsborough, UK, lives a 56-year-old man named Ian. He does not have a wife and children, but this does not upset the Briton himself, because 70 of his beloved cats live with him.

Ian has been saving homeless animals since 1992.

During this time, he helped more than five thousand cats, and he also taught many of them to work with epileptics: cats are able to anticipate the approach of a seizure in the owner, which means they can always warn him about it.

Cats are able to foresee the impending crisis of the owner and can warn him about it. Such smart cats find their families very easily and quickly.

According to the Briton, all his cats are healthy and live in good conditions. All Ian’s cats are healthy and live in good conditions, he even takes them for a walk. Ian spends all his money on food and toys and treating animals.

“I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t run after women,” Ian himself says. – I just spend time with cats, and all the troubles go away. Plus, it’s very warm in the room with the cats.“

He just hangs out with cats and all problems go away.

Every year he buys pets not only for food and toys, but also for care. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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