Dog returns home after mysterious 4 month absence


This family is extremely happy to have found their puppy who went missing 4 months ago.

In June 2021, they lost a dog named Lady. At this time she was playing in the garden and suddenly disappeared.

For several months it was unknown where she was and how she managed to escape. A few months later, the dog suddenly appeared in the young man’s garden.

Dog lover Robert noticed her in his yard and took her inside, fed and watered her. He then called the dog rescue, which was able to contact Lady’s owners using a microchip.

They immediately went after her and it was a very emotional reunion. They were very happy to see her again, and it was completely free for them.

She is now back with her family, and no one knows where she was for so long or how she survived.

Without the microchip, they probably wouldn’t have been able to find her. We are so happy that she is safe!

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