The cat jumped into the lap of a girl in a wheelchair and chose her as his owner


The former stray cat jumped into the lap of a girl in a wheelchair and did not want to leave.

A few weeks ago, Chris Pool, who looks after the feline community in his area, noticed a new face, that is, a muzzle. The blue-eyed cat decided to join the local brethren, then disappeared somewhere, but returned a few days later.

The new cat probably had time to wander the streets. There are usually a lot of cats near the apartment complexes – some were abandoned by the owners when moving, while others were attracted to garbage cans.

Over the next weeks, the cat gradually got used to his food supplier, became more talkative and lowered his vigilance. Finally realizing that the man wishes him well, he began to allow Chris to stroke him.

An even bigger breakthrough came when he introduced him to catnip and silver vine. He rolled on the ground, let me touch his tummy and generally had a great time.

It was then that Chris realized that such a worthy cat should get into a good family, and decided to seek help. The animal rights activists of the Suncoast Animal League quickly responded to his call. After going after his favorite silver vine, a friendly tramp fell into a humane trap and said goodbye to street life forever.

After a couple of days, the cat got used to being indoors and became incredibly loving, constantly demanding attention. His name Sinatra suits him very well, he is very loud and rarely silent.

Larisa had in mind an ideal family for a cat. After holding Sinatra for about a week, she contacted Laurie Griggs, who visited the orphanage a few months ago with her daughter, Keely.

They explained the challenges they faced in getting a cat and she was determined to find the right pet for them.

Keely moves around in a powered wheelchair – most cats are intimidated by this. Mother and daughter visited more than one shelter, but Sinatra was the first one who approached them. The fearless cat took a direct step towards Kili and jumped into her lap to pamper herself.

The two immediately felt a connection. Sinatra rubbed against Keely, making her smile widely. The wheelchair did not bother him at all, he sat comfortably on the girl’s lap and purred.

“He doesn’t care that she drives around the house. In fact, he looks like a speed bump – he won’t even move out of her way,” Lori says.

When they released him from the carrier on their daughter’s bed, he crawled right up to her and snuggled up. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !  Watch Sinatra in this cute video:

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