This dog was doomed to die when his owner tied him to a truck and told everyone that he was contagious to everyone


The owner of this poor dog wanted to get rid of him. The dog’s name was Duke. So he just tied the poor dog to an abandoned truck outside his house and told his neighbors that the dog was sick, lying to them.

He even told people not to approach the animal because it might infect him.

No one paid any attention to the poor dog, and so he remained until his death. He was mentally prepared for this.

But, fortunately, a very sweet and kind girl noticed him and immediately reported the condition of the dog to the Dog Rescue Service on Rudozem Street.

The founder of the organization, knowing about this story, immediately went to the scene, when he saw the dog, he crawled up to the man and began to lick him.

He felt the good energy of people and believed in people again!

The man immediately took the dog to the veterinarian, where the truth was revealed. Duke didn’t get sick. He took the dog to his shelter. Fortunately, he quickly started a family and now lives in England.

Finally, the cute animal is safe and will no longer be sad. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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