The guy found a golden ball on the beach, and then he was even more surprised by his find


A young man named Aaron Smith from the UK is seriously interested in finding geological treasures.

One day, while walking along the beach in Sandsend, he found among the stones a smooth, round object of a golden color. The opening looked like a cannonball. Scientists have discovered that it was „dragon’s gold“.

Smith’s discovery is not classified as a precious metal, but has historical value. This is a mineral, the so-called pyrite, which is often confused with gold.

Under the lime layer were frozen spiral mollusks of the Jurassic period. They are very well preserved to this day. Can you imagine, the age of the artifact is estimated at 185 million years?!

This is not the first artifact that deserves the attention of a young researcher. He regularly finds rocks and other prehistoric treasures on the coast. Over the years he has amassed a large collection of these fossils.

He shares his findings with his army of social media followers. He regularly posts new images online. There are many photos of rare specimens on his Instagram page.

Aaron Smith’s find generated a lot of media interest. In an interview, he said that anyone can find such a rare specimen if they want. However, you will have to be patient, because the search can take hours.

He believes that finding representatives of an extinct class of cephalopods, especially off the coast of Britain, is a real feat. Aaron showed off his impressive collection of fossils that he keeps at home.

He does not intend to stop there. Any collector can envy such rare specimens of prehistoric animals.

The apprentice spends a lot of time on the coast in search of new treasures. He is very interested in the research process itself. According to Aaron, after the storm, if you’re lucky, you will find rare stones and slates with „stuffing“ inside.

Subsequent research fully confirmed Aaron Smith’s guess: the stone had been under water for a long time. Today, the most famous cephalopods are squid and octopus, which will one day also become historical works of art.

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