The kitten dissolves in the arms of the cat, who accepts him as his own and cannot get enough of his attention


The kitten melted into this cat, who adopted her as her child and couldn’t get enough of her attention.

In early March, Shelby, the founder of the cat shelter, found out about the litter of kittens.

The mother cat could not take care of them and only one of the kittens survived.

The kitten was shaking and the environment did not suit him, so it was decided to bring him to his home for artificial feeding.

Shelby took the kitten home and decided to visit the newborn. He forgot to close the door and returned to find that the cat was testing a new one.

The kitten – Cleo had fleas and it looked like an eye infection. Shelby cured her eyes and began to care for her and feed her.

With a warm nest, a plush toy as a constant companion, the baby’s business went smoothly. He knew that she would be all right once she started to bottle feed well.

Cleo was so happy that her stomach was full and she would never have to go hungry again.

As she began to gain weight, she became more interested in her surroundings and picked up on the scents of local cats.

Polar was immediately interested in the new surrogate kitten and researched as much as it allowed during the first two weeks as she was due to be quarantined.

After a few days, Cleo began to move around and struggled to get back on her feet. She became more and more playful and eager to spend time with her feline friends.

Shelby spent enough time hugging Cleo to reassure her that she was loved. Usually at this age they begin to interact little with each other.

Once Cleo was medically clean, she was formally introduced to Polar, who was awaiting a formal meeting.

The caring cat began to wash his muzzle and ears and takes his duties seriously. Now he likes to hop up to her carefully and pass right over her as she walks as she slips under her long legs.

He also bathes her and holds her with his front paws to keep her from leaving while bathing.

Little Cleo is very happy when she is with Polar. She melts in his arms and cannot get enough of his attention.

She loves to lie on her owner’s lap. Cleo is now happy in her foster family and knows that she is loved.

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