The 26-year-old cat had nowhere to go until a woman saw him


26-year-old cat Thomas is old even for a long-lived cat.

The cat spent his whole life with one owner, who was also a pensioner, but he suddenly became very ill and could no longer take care of his cat. So Thomas ended up in an orphanage.

For an old cat, going to a shelter almost always means that he will die there. After all, everyone wants to take a younger cat, and preferably even a small kitten.

But Thomas was very lucky. Volunteers of the Baltimore shelter decided to work together to help Thomas spend his old age with dignity at home, and not in a shelter cage.

Thomas‘ health is not the best. He had dental problems, arthritis, hair loss, and a diseased liver. Nevertheless, Thomas is still full of life and very affectionate with people. All he wants is a good attitude and treats.

In order to help Thomas find a new owner who is not afraid to adopt an elderly cat, many announcements have been posted, including on social networks.

And very soon Laura Cassidy from the society, which was located in Baltimore, responded to them.

When she saw this wonderful 26-year-old old man, she immediately realized that he would go to her house.

They said they had never seen such an old cat before. But this 26-year-old cat was almost as active as a 10-year-old. And he is very friendly and affectionate.

And now Thomas is already at Laura Cassidy’s house. At first he was a little shy, but then he quickly mastered even the toilet in a new place.

He also got along well with other pets living with Laura.

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