The man turned the old attic into a dressing room for his wife


In the life of every girl there is such a moment that she thinks where to put all her clothes and shoes.

I’m even sure that it was in the life of each of us, and Adali is no exception. Adali was already married then and her husband, fortunately, had golden hands!

She thought for a long time where she should put so many things, when one day her husband thought he could create his own pride room to make his life easier.

So he decided to turn the attic of the house into a huge dressing room!

They had a separate attic on the roof, and he decided that it was not worth leaving it empty and that he could occupy it with something he needed.

And he decided that it was there that the future lodge would be.

In just 3 weeks, the man did a great job and used what he had at home and bought things from the store.

He spent about $30,000 on it! For the floor, he used a plastic-based laminate that looked like wood and was waterproof.

This is a great way if you have golden hands and of course money! The main thing is that he did it himself!

Turning the attic into a dressing room was just a great idea! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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