What would different animals look like if they all had cat faces?


Galina is a cat lady who loves cats so much that she sees them everywhere. On her page, she photoshops cat faces to just about everything, from bees and pandas to snails and zebras. Sometimes she even combines cat faces with inanimate objects!

When asked about her passion for cats and the inspiration for the page, the 30-year-old said that the idea came to her quite spontaneously, about a year ago. She also used to create all sorts of fun things in Photoshop.

The photos have become a real Internet sensation. If you don’t believe me, scroll down to see the very best, funny and amazing photo manipulations of random animals and fluffy cat faces!

He looks like a chubby cat

These eyes! Looks like they’re asking „what did they do to me“

This expression is: “How did I get here?

This creature looks quite dangerous

„Swimming can help, but I think he also needs a diet“

oh so cute

He saw things…

Oh, now I want a hug!

She (or he) looks a bit confused, perhaps because of these new circumstances.

It’s really cool

A very ethereal aspect

Oh no! Nope!

It’s cute, but koalas have a completely different charm.

Nightmare creatures look like this!

The amount of gothic in this image

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