A small injured puppy hears the voice of a rescuer, goes out into the yard and asks for help


Knowing that he urgently needed help, the little puppy came from another yard, struggling with injuries on his small body.

He was then only a few weeks old. What happened to his mother? What caused such an injury in a small child?

The little puppy was very hungry! As he lapped up the puppy formula, the rescuer noticed that he was also covered in hundreds of fleas. He could also be anemic, the baby needed an ambulance.

Then the rescuer washed his wound and noticed that there were already maggots inside. He used a special powder for this to kill them and remove them.

While the poor baby was licking her wounds, he let out terrible cries. The bandages probably bothered him and he protested a little. But we all know he needed it to keep his wound clean and dry.

While the baby was being treated, another rescuer found her brothers and sisters! Mother, unfortunately, was nowhere to be found and no one knew where she might be.

Either something happened to her, or the puppies were abandoned by an insensitive owner who no longer needed them.

With time and treatment, the little puppy makes huge strides. It’s amazing what good nutrition, proper medical care, and lots of love can do.

As you can see, he is definitely a fan of his new food!

The puppy’s wound is almost completely healed and is being cared for by his rescuer. Soon the baby will be old enough to be sent to his eternal home. Many people want to adopt them!

We are very glad that this child realized in time that he really needed help and turned to the rescuers in time.

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