Hungry baby orangutan left crying in chicken coop finally gets loving care


Animal Rescue International, based in East Sussex, is taking care of a baby orangutan.

The ten-month-old baby, who was given the nickname Budi, spent almost his entire short life in a small chicken cage with a Borneo resident who kept him as a pet for family entertainment.

All this time, the owner fed him almost one condensed milk, which had a negative impact on the health of the cub. His bones were deformed from a lack of nutrients, so now he looks smaller than necessary for his age.

When the owner realized that Budi was so weak that he would soon die, he decided to hand him over to the authorities.

When the orangutan was rescued, he was on the verge of life and death. According to the director of the international society for the salvation of animals, Alan Knight, Budi had a huge swollen stomach and twisted limbs.

He couldn’t move, couldn’t even sit up on his own. A healthy orangutan at his age can already actively climb and swing on branches, and this one was helpless as a newborn.

As the team took him from his cage in Borneo to be transported to the UK, he screamed in agony and tears welled in his eyes. They all cried at the sight of him too, it is terrible to imagine what suffering this baby endured, locked in a cramped cage and deprived of maternal care at such a young age.

Now little Budi is under the reliable care of veterinarians and community workers. He can already sit up, although every movement is still painful for him.

Every day he becomes stronger, but he is still very far from full recovery, because in addition to problems with bones and digestion, he was found to have severe anemia.

Under natural conditions, orangutans are in serious danger, their numbers are rapidly declining due to deforestation for plantations of oil palms and other crops.

Farmers consider these primates to be pests of agriculture, and for hunters they are easy prey, as they are not at all aggressive. When a mother is killed, her cub is often given to families as a pet, and such babies often die from improper care.

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