Snake skin model: girl with rare disease conquers the fashion world and inspires people


Asa Gary never thought she would have a modeling career. Struck by a rare skin disease, the young woman sought to hide her „flaw“ for a long time before fully accepting herself.

Jayza Gary’s story really inspires people. Suffering from a rare skin condition called lamellar ichthyosis — a cornification disease characterized by large scales all over her body — the young woman has long sought to mask her difference with makeup.

But Jaze managed to turn this complex into his greatest strength by becoming a model.

She said that she had never seen women like her model, so she became one of them. But if the American suddenly plunged into the world of modeling, it was mainly thanks to a touching message from a friend “you should be a model,” she wrote to him when they were still schoolchildren.

With the support of her friends and family, she never gave up and always struggled to find her place in the very closed world of fashion.

Thus, thanks to Jaze’s perseverance, Gary managed to make his dream come true. Even though she received many rejections, her atypical physique caught the attention of We Speak Management, a modeling agency that is known to advocate inclusivity.

Since then, the American has been filming and begins to interest brands in search of diversity. „I want to be the best. I want to be in Vogue.“

I want to be addressed by all those who rejected me. There was no one I could idolize as a child. It was my family who told me that I was “enough” and that everything was fine with me. That’s who I want to be for other people who don’t see it in themselves.“

And now Jayza can be proud of her, because recently she was invited to pose for the pages of Vogue Italy magazine. A well-deserved success for this American who never thought she would one day make a career as a model!

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