„Marley really saved us“: In the US, a man cloned a Labrador that saved his wife


This story began long before Marley did the heroic act of meeting the snake. He has been with David since he was a puppy.

He was his childhood friend, walked him to prom and lived with David and his new family. After David got married, Marley moved in with him and his wife in a small apartment in Manhattan.

Labrador performed the same heroic deed while hiking on Battle Mountain in San Diego. Marley was 12 at the time. David’s wife, Alicia, was already four months pregnant.

The woman left the main path to find herself a stick. The dog ran after her. Already stretching out her hand, Alicia noticed that Marley was scratching the ground where she was reaching, and then the dog completely blocked her path.

When David arrived at the scene, he and his wife were stunned to see that Marley had driven away a rattlesnake that was about to attack.

David and Alicia were shocked by this and immensely grateful to Marley, who essentially saved two lives.

The Labrador lived to see the birth of the owner’s child, but soon died: he was diagnosed with oncology.

David could not come to terms with the loss of his beloved dog and turned to ViaGen Pets & Equine, which collects samples of biological material from pets and clones them.

So a piece of Marley was preserved. The owner wanted his child to be accompanied by the same devoted dog throughout life.

When David’s daughters, girls named Madeleine and Collette, were 5 and 3 years old respectively, he gave the go-ahead for cloning. Soon another Labrador puppy appeared who was a copy of Marley. They named the dog Ziggy.

Now a copy of the dog-hero, Marley, lives in the Chirharts‘ house. And David’s children inherited the best memories of their father in the form of this wonderful Labrador Retriever.

Such is the second life, created from several cells. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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