Patient rottweiler pleases little owner who decided to paint his nails


There is no end to looking at children and animals and marveling at this scene. They understand each other very well, they are never bored together, they are always ready to help each other.

The Rottweiler Maya lives in the house, whom Emma decided to enjoy with girlish procedures. She gave her a crown and painted her nails pink.

The bond between dogs and newborns is special. And no matter how surprising it may be, you should not be afraid of such contact, because dogs will never harm children, even the largest dog can become a true friend of your child.

Emma’s mother was able to prove it with her photos taken during the game between her child and the dog. It was very interesting to watch.

They live in Austin, USA. Their dog’s name is Maya. Daughter Emma decided to test women’s procedures on a dog. He put on a crown and painted his nails pink.

The dog was confused, did not understand what was happening, but patiently played with the girl and endured her, because he loves Emma very much.

This is a real business example. Maya looks a little embarrassed, but she takes part in all the girl’s games, patiently endures them, because she loves the baby very much.

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