A puppy named Piglet was born deaf and blind – now he teaches children to cope with difficulties


This cute pink puppy named Piglet has become a symbol of acceptance, kindness and inclusion. Melissa Shapiro rescued a deaf and blind toddler from an orphanage.

The puppy was born in the US state of Georgia, in a small house with 37 other dogs – due to mixing and irresponsibility of the owners, the puppy was born completely deaf and blind.

Thanks to animal rights activists, he ended up in a shelter, where Melissa, a veterinarian from Connecticut, found him more than two years ago. She sheltered him in order to find him a home later, but after a couple of months she was no longer able to part with him.

It was a difficult decision for her, because he had to devote a lot of time. Taking care of him is a full-time job, but he was so cute that she couldn’t give him away.

Piglet became one of the seven dogs in the Shapiro household. It took him a long time to get used to his new family – he constantly whined and was afraid. Melissa couldn’t leave him alone for a month.

However, Piglet was able to overcome his fears – after a while he was already playing with other dogs. Now his popularity has soon outgrown social networks.

With the help of social networks, a teacher from Massachusetts found out about him – at one of the lessons she told third-graders about the puppy. She cited the dog as an example of how to cope with difficulties, accept your characteristics and not give up after failures.

She called it „the Piglet mindset“. They contacted for a year, and then they made a surprise for the children. They thought they were just going to get a FaceTime call, but they walked into the classroom with Piglet and three other dogs and everyone started crying.”

Now Shapiro has created an online program that teaches children to overcome problems and work on themselves – Piglet is talked about in schools in Alabama, Connecticut, even in Japan and Australia.

Piglet inspires not only to overcome problems – many page subscribers decided to adopt a dog from a shelter thanks to him.

Shapiro also admits that she donates all the money from advertisements and merchandise dedicated to the Piglet to shelters that take care of dogs with certain characteristics. To date, the puppy has raised over $30,000.

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