Husky leads the owner into the forest and finds a box there, from which she saves seven little kittens


This is a fantastic story about Banner – a husky who became a heroine after she rescued kittens.

Once, the owner of the dog Banner, realizing that something was wrong when the husky began to disobey, became alarmed and pulled her by the dress.

That day they were driving home when the dog started dragging her by her dress near the house. Whitney, the owner of the husky, followed the dog to see what was going on.

He took her to the forest behind the house. She began to run and wander around the box.

Curious Whitney followed the dog and removed the lid to see what was in the box.

Before he could throw back the covers, Banner stuck his head into the box, dragging the kitten out with his mouth.

When the woman opened the box, she saw that six more kittens were lying at the bottom of the box. They were all helpless, small and didn’t meow, she thought they were dead at first.

The one who thought about abandoning the kittens was doubly cruel because he had hermetically sealed the box.

He probably thought that in a few days they would be dead and no one would find them.

In the end, Whitney decided to take them home. Banner’s behavior was amazing, she took care of them like a mother.

Husky owner has seen fit to raise them until they are ready for adoption.

Although Banner is also busy with kittens, she has not changed her attitude towards her human, she always takes care of her with the same love and devotion.

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