The dog takes care of the shy kittens as they find the courage to interact with people


Last year, two orphaned kittens were found on the streets of New York. The children were left without a mother and were in great need of love and warmth.

Just hearing their screeching, the dog named Kona couldn’t contain her maternal instinct.

Fortunately, they fell into good hands – a volunteer named Asa began to look after them. At home, the girl had a dog named Kona – it was a very caring and gentle creature.

Only when she heard the kittens squealing in the house did Kona rush to comfort them.

Next to her, brother and sister, nicknamed Chester and Blair, became much more confident and calm.

The kittens did not have enough maternal warmth, but the dog Kona gave them everything. “I think she felt that these two were afraid of everything and very closed off, and she knew exactly what to do“

„The kittens have been living with us for six weeks and are still afraid of me, but with Kona they are calm and happy,” says their owner.

But in fact, these are not the first children that Kona takes care of.

His mistress keeps the animals for several years, and during this time Kona nursed a lot of crumbs.

This dog has such a big heart that she is ready to give her love to all babies in need. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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