A brave kitten swam across an icy river, unafraid of the current, and found his owners


An amazing thing happened in Saransk in autumn. Employees of a local company were relaxing on the banks of the Sura River.

When they got there, they heard a kitten meow across the river. No one paid any attention to this, but the kitten continued to meow persistently.

After a few hours, people began to go home, and suddenly someone noticed something small and white floating along the river. It was the same kitten. Not afraid of the current and cold water, he jumped into the water to join the people on the other side.

A strong current dragged him along the shore, but, fortunately, the baby managed to overcome a short distance.

People were already waiting for him on the shore, and when the kitten fell straight to the ground, he immediately ran to them.

Chilled to the bone, this affectionate kitten made everyone watching the show freeze. No one has ever seen such enthusiasm and such a will to live.

Of course, they decided to take the kitten. An employee took care of him for several days. Then the director of the company, who also witnessed this heroic deed, took him to his home.

Now the kitten already feels good. Now he is a pet. And we can say about a cat like him: „Everyone makes his own luck.“

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