A man found a pregnant street cat and brought her home, now she has a house, and her children have a foster dad


Today’s story is not about one miracle, but about many. It all started when an American resident accidentally stumbled upon a pot-bellied cat. He liked it so much that he took it and took it home.

Since the color of the cat was vague and dirty, he named it Earth. A homeless cat with babies in her belly unexpectedly found a home and gave birth to seven cute kittens a few weeks later.

The man who took the cat was a great lover of animals, not only cats, but also dogs. He had two dogs, one of which behaved incredibly funny when the cat gave birth to cubs – he suddenly felt like a dad.

Her main function was to take care of the kittens while the mother was resting. But the dog can also help with other tasks, like playing with the kittens and letting them crawl on their own. The dog also helps them take a bath.

But the funniest thing about all this is how the dog brings the runaway babies to the cat’s crib.

He takes them and carefully carries them to his mother, not letting them go. Sometimes, however, he drags his adopted cubs to their master, placing them next to him.

Well, as for the Earth, she gratefully accepts the gentle help of her new friend.

When the dog is with his babies, the cat is peaceful and can take a little break from his endless parental care.

After the kittens grow up, all the kids will find new owners, but the cat will be sterilized, after which she will live in peace with the person who found her.

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