The cat disappeared somewhere every day, and the owner decided to follow her and saw something amazing


The owner of the cat followed her pet and found out where and why she runs away every day.

Most of the time, domestic cats lie in the sun and beg for treats from their owners. Have you ever wondered what our pets do when no one is watching them? One Colombian woman decided to follow her furry pet and found out where she was going.

A gray cat named Kiko has a kitten. Usually at such moments, the behavior of cats changes dramatically, and they begin to spend all the time with the kids.

Kiko, on the other hand, behaved unusually: she fed her kitten, and then disappeared somewhere for several hours. This was repeated over and over again, and the hostess became interested in what her cat was doing.

She decided to follow Kiko. When the cat, having fed her kitten, was about to disappear without a trace, her owner was watching her.

The woman carefully followed the cat, which quickly ran into a forest belt located not far from the house. The cat tried to run as fast as possible, so she did not look back. The owner managed to go unnoticed and follow Kiko to the end point of the route.

What she saw in the forest greatly surprised the owner of the cat: she noticed how Kiko was feeding her milk to a tiny squirrel.

This seemed very strange to the hostess, because cats often attack squirrels. Probably, Kiko’s maternal instinct worked.

To make life easier for the cat, the woman took the squirrel home, and Kiko no longer had to be torn between her two cubs.

The little squirrel quickly got used to the new environment and began to consider the kitten Kiko as his fluffy relative. What do you think, will the squirrel stay with them?

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