The dachshund and the lion were friends for several years, but then they were separated. After a while they met and this meeting was filmed


This dachshund raised a little lion cub from childhood, but when he grew up, people decided to take him to a cage.

The nursery workers thought it would be best for the lion.

But a day later, the owner of the savanna fell into a deep depression.

For months, the lion sat in the corner of the cage and refused to eat. People decided to try to return the dog to the lion and filmed this meeting on camera.

Bondigger’s lion cub was brought to this exotic animal kennel. He was not yet adapted to the wild, this made itself felt and health problems.

The dachshund Milo helped the lion’s rehabilitation. She seemed to understand how difficult it was for the future king of beasts and did not leave him a single step.

Of course, the lion Bondigger quickly got used to a new friend, they lived in the same cage for several years.

But everything changed when a new management came to the kennel.

They decided to move the dachshund so that the lion began to learn how to be a predator: it was planned to release Bondigger nevertheless. However, the plan failed.

Without a fee, the lion just sat in the corner of the enclosure and hardly ate. He did not pay attention to others, Milo decided to return.

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See how the meeting of two old friends went on the video:

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