The dog kissed every puppy when they were taken away by people


This poor stray dog ​​did not attract the attention of anyone. Later it was called Rainbow. Life on the streets taught him to be cautious and skeptical, but one day something unpredictable happened.

She gave birth to cubs, and two days later a storm and heavy rains began in California. He hid his cubs under the bushes, although it is unlikely that they would have lived so long in these conditions.

In recent months, locals have seen him several times trying to feed him or take him to a shelter.

But when the storm broke, no one could figure out where he was hiding with his family and children. The bushes were unreliable, he was nowhere to be found.

And at night, in the rain, by the light of lanterns, they finally found them. And the storm intensified. Luckily, humans have managed to gain the dog’s trust.

The rescuer carefully lifted the puppy and pulled it out of the temporary den. People took out the puppies one by one, each receiving a farewell kiss from his mother.

And the dog himself remained in the den, he did not know where the people had taken his children. He was left all alone…

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