This adorable seal was surprised with a cake for his birthday


There is no one who would not love their birthday, we also love our birthdays and appreciate such events very much.

Animals, like people, also love such days, because they deserve them too. One of those lucky ones is someone who recently celebrated their birthday and got a big ice cream cake!

The animal was named Yulelogs, and he could not help but be delighted with his fish cake. Here are some photos of this cutie.

Yulelogov was rescued many years ago and taken to the seaside park, but after the park was closed, they were released again.

After spending so much time in the park, it was very difficult for him to learn how to eat on his own, because before that he was taken care of by people, and he was used to it.

But one day the RSPCA called and they came to her rescue. The animal urgently needed care and permanent shelter. He was very popular there.

These types of seals usually live less than this one, and this event had to be celebrated. Yulelogs loved his birthday cake very much.

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