Caring husky takes under the paw of a homeless kitten with neurological disorders


This is the story of a beautiful friendship formed between a dog and a cat suffering from a neurological disease. They became inseparable from the first minute they met.

This cat named Junipurr used to live in Mojo’s Hope, but in the Union he had a medical condition that caused him to shake and move uncontrollably when he moved with brain hypoplasia.

It interfered with the work of his musculoskeletal system and made it difficult for him to move, but this did not prevent him from being so energetic and cheerful.

One happy day, the founder of Mojo’s Hope noticed it and decided to bring it home. The cat quickly adapted to her new family and began to play with different toys.

Then he met in the same house a dog named Zola. This friendly dog ​​always welcomes all the animals that his owner brings home. He helps and comforts them, as he did with this cat.

At first, he was a little intimidated by his new girlfriend’s uncontrollable movements, but it took him a few minutes to get used to it.

The cat was really happy around the dog, as evidenced by her happy growl. They became friends very quickly.

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