The kitten, determined to walk, achieves its goals and goes to a wonderful future


Danielle Southon, founder of Southon Rescue and Central Florida Fosters, recently adopted a five-week-old tabby baby with special needs.

She got to the city animal services, from where they took her from the street, having obvious health problems.

The baby with Manx syndrome (tailless) had other birth defects.

Part of its spine and tail are fused, which limits the mobility of the hind limbs. Her spine, tail, and leg bones were formed the way she was in the womb.

Despite everything, the brave girl did not lose heart and strove to move, to play from the very beginning.

The kitten was affectionately nicknamed Minerva, or Minnie for short.

She is undergoing physical therapy to improve her range of motion and is potty trained by an assistant.

Being very small for her age, she is determined and full of optimism.

Minnie is inquisitive, loves to misbehave and always wants to know what her Mom is up to.

She constantly keeps her people close to her, she doesn’t even let one go to the bathroom.

Danielle built a nest in the shower so that the kitten could easily look after Mom from a safe distance from the water, but Minnie is completely fearless.

After several visits to the vet, Minnie felt much better as her stomach problems resolved.

A couple of days after the rescue, she became much more playful and restless than ever.

With newfound energy, she happily and unrealistically quickly rushed to explore every corner. Her physical limitations couldn’t come between her and her favorite activities.

In just a week, she made significant progress. She is crazy about her toys and meows for attention.

A former homeless woman enjoys the life of a spoiled pet. She purrs and meows as soon as they approach her.

They work out for her the timing and schedule of taking medications, and also see how sensitive her hind legs are, and how much she can use them.

Minnie has a bright future! If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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